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Tree Services

Tree Work and Services Milton

Contour Landscape Group Inc. offers a wide variety of tree services. These services are provided to both residential and commercial customers. We are a member of ACMO, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario to service the tree service needs for condominium corporations in the GTA and surrounding areas.

We offer 24 hour emergency call out services for downed trees and limbs or if a tree needs to be removed in an emergency situation. We also have the experience and equipment available for high risk removals and pruning work.

In addition to the tree pruning, cutting and removals, we offer shrub and tree planting, stump grinding, trail cutting and woodlot management services.

Proper tree pruning is an important part of maintaining the property values of our Clients. 

 Proper pruning improves the health, vigor and appearance of the trees. This ultimately prolongs their useful life by keeping insects and disease from attacking it. Insects and disease will feed on the weak and stressed trees over a healthy and strong tree. Our pruning process involves removing dead and interfering branches, any branches growing towards the center of the tree, and pruning branches to re-establish the proper growth habit of a particular tree.

We can develop pruning programs for condominiums and homeowners to spread the cost and workload over several seasons. This is also beneficial to the trees to prevent excessive suckering from removing too much at one time.

All of the debris from our pruning and removal services is quickly chipped, shredded and removed. The shredded wood chips can be further utilized for mulching around tree and shrub beds. 
 This chipping service is also available to our customers if there is a large pile of brush you need taken care of.

All of our climbers are industry trained with the main focus of SAFETY to our crew, equipment and to our clients property. We are fully insured against any damage or liability and our workers are fully covered under the Workers’ Safety Insurance Board.


Member of Landscape Ontario Canadian Nursery Association Association of Condominium Owners of Ontario Member


Certified ArboristMember of the International Society of Aboriculture

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